• Ramsden, Paul (2003). Learning to teach in higher education, 2nd edition.
    A book that focuses on core principles of good teaching rather than on specific skills, the core of this book is the focus on what it means for students to learn and what this means for how we should organize teaching. The principles for good teaching outlined in chapter 6 are particularly useful.
  • Fink, Dee. (2013). Creating Significant Learning Experiences. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Nilson, B Linda. (2015). Chapter 2: Outcomes Oriented Course Design in Teaching at its Best, Jossey- Bass. pp. 17-31.
    This book is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to university teaching and learning skills. Chapter 2 presents the importance of using a learning-focused course design. It also presents different ways to write learning outcomes.

Ingrid Le Duc, EPFL (ingrid.leduc@epfl.ch)